The Company


Sociedad Anonima Carnes Pampeanas S.A. (“Carnes Pampeanas”) is a beef processing Company formed by a highly professional team with strong commitment towards the manufacturing of products of excellence, using the best quality raw materials, fulfilling demanding quality standards and respecting the environment.



Our Meat Plant is located near Santa Rosa city, province of La Pampa, Argentina (South America), in the heart of the Pampean plains. This area is considered as the best for raising and feeding cattle, because of its weather and pastures.

New world tendencies show that consumers are increasingly interested in getting references about products and services. Quality controls, productive systems, animal welfare and respect for the environment are becoming especially relevant.


Following this approach, Carnes Pampeanas uses specialized productive processes which guarantee product safety and quality, together with fulfillment of standards in force and the preservation of the environment, making this Argentine company “the pride of La Pampa”.

Our Plant has export licenses for the demanding European, American and Asian markets. Its processing capacity is 12000 heads per month.

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